Coils Note [Dôjinshi du staff de Dennô Coil]

Titre : Coils Note
Cercle : Megashi屋 & Benkeido (弁慶堂)
Date de publication : août 2009
Contenu : illustrations noir&blanc, dos carré, 90 pages, interviews staff.

Un livre signé du sinistre nom de Benkeido, ô combien habituellement fatal au porte-feuille, et donc avec des gens qui gribouillent dedans des fanarts fabuleux.

Petite sélection absolument non limitative et nonobstant les tentatives crypto-yuri de まる天.

Kazutaka Ozaki (尾崎和孝, dir. animation ep. 7)


Takashi Mukôda (向田隆)

Ikuo Kuwana (桑名郁朗)

Ei Inoue (井上鋭, dir. animation)

Yoshimi Itatsu (板津匡覧, dir. animation ep. 4, 15, 20, 25)

Katô Hirotaka (加藤寛崇, animateur)

Takashi Kawaguchi (川口隆, animateur)

Muroi Yasuo (室井康雄, animateur)

Aya Takano (高野 綾, animateur)

Tomoya Takahashi (高橋 知也)

Ishihama Masashi (石浜真史, animateur)

Aiko Wakatsuki (若月 愛子, animateur)

Akira Honma (本間晃, animateur)

Shinichi Yokota (横田 晋一, animateur)

Ryo-timo (りょーちも,  animateur)

Kei Suezawa (末澤慧, animateur)



Ressources :
Crédits scans : merci à la page Koisuru de m'avoir évité de ruiner mon exemplaire.

Merci braves pour ses corrections (voir commentaires).


  1. Par curiosité, ça a allégé ton compte en banque de combien cette merveille ?

  2. des photos ? mais même pas tu le scan :(

    sinon ya écrit 3000¥ sur mandarake.

  3. Franchement, il est en stock là sur Mandarake, à 3000y n'hésitez même pas.

    Mon exemplaire faisait parti d'une commande plus vaste sur YAJ avec des art-books de Kanada ^^;;

  4. Thank you for posting this. However, 井上鋭 (Ei Inoue) is a completely different person from 井上 俊之 (Toshiyuki Inoue).

  5. Thanks, I had a real bad feeling about this one as it took me something like half an hour checking it between sakuwiki, jp wiki and the official credits. I still had doubts when I finally posted, but hey, it was late, I was sleepy, to hell. As Toshiyuki seemed an acceptable nanori pronunciation for 鋭, and theirs credits for Denno Coil overlap on theirs sakuwiki pages, I thought I was onto something clever. It doesn't help that the two Inoue were credited as sakuga kantoku (even if it was on a different scale), too.

  6. Dowant. J'espère que ma commande passera avant rupture :D

  7. I see. The confusion is understandable, especially nowadays when animators seem to be more prone to work under a pen name or go uncredited.

    Hopefully you won't think I'm too nitpicky here (though I kinda am), but Yoshimi Itatsu should be Yoshimi Itazu. And it's actually 桑名郁朗 for Ikuo Kuwana. The other spelling is a really common typo.

    I wonder what happened to Akira Honma. He showed promise with his work on some of the best Madhouse titles of the past decade, but he wasn't there for Tatami Galaxy, which is where one would have expected someone like him to pop up.... Hopefully, he's working on Satoshi Kon's film.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

  8. "Hopefully you won't think I'm too nitpicky here" : not at all, I'm very glad to be able to read that kind of highly specialized comment, and it allows me to make the relevant corrections. I'm above all a dabbler who tends to go a little more in depth only when something seems relevant to my interests, but I don't really have any kind of systematized background about animators. Thanks you !

    I agree with you about pen names, for example with 桑名郁朗 I thought another animator was getting fancy and altering a key for the heck of it. That it was in fact a typo feels kinda like a let-down ^^

    True about Honma. Not even in Shin men or the Tatami specials, which seemed up his alley ?

    As for me, the dôjinshi leads me to discover Yasuo Muroi's Koko ni iru short... maybe less stylistically daring but it's always interesting to see the 'independent' scene striving.


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